For years I searched for a catering program that would meet the needs of our banquet department at this facility. The computer program that we used prior to purchasing CaterPro did not give us the options or flexibility that we needed here at Raynham Taunton Greyhound Park.

We have been using CaterPro for over six months and are delighted with the program. The menu reports display all relevant information in an organized fashion and the availability of a monthly calendar is a feature that is very important to us.

Thanks, too, for fielding all of our questions. The fact that you are readily available to answer our inquiries has allowed us to adapt to the program easily, for the technical support at CaterPro is terrific.

Elizabeth Pond
Director of Food and Beverage
Raynham Taunton Greyhound Park
Raynham, MA


Thanks for being there to help all our questions (some times silly questions). It is a great feeling of security to have the creator of the software answer the phone basically at any time to solve any question in a minute. We do have other software (which we have stopped using) because of the difficulty in getting in touch with technical assistance (besides the $500.00 dollar plus they charge for yearly support). Keep up the good work, Thanks.

You are welcome to have potential customers contact us for any related questions to Caterpro.

Boni Guenechea Boni
Paella Party
Miami FL


CaterPro is wonderful. Never has typing up a banquet event order been so easy! To have all of the menus and pricing right on hand is very helpful.

We never miss anything on a function because all of the information is right there on the function sheet.

Charlene Hawthorne
Catering Director
Silver Creek Valley Country Club
San Jose, CA


We added CaterPro and a laptop to coordinate our banquet services in May of 2002. It has been a great investment. We generate needed documentation in minutes. Scheduling conflicts are a thing of the past. It helps us to dot the I’s; leaving more of our attention to increase sales. Comments from previous clients reflect the improved professionalism in bookings and presentation.

Instant pricing, dining layouts and uniform proposals give us that extra plus that we did not have last year. Above all it has helped me become a more confident salesman who can provide the needed expertise for successful functions.

Tom Hickey
Executive Chef
Medford Lakes Country Club
Medford Lakes, NJ


At CHEROTEL we use Caterpro since June 2002 for our event- catering- and banquet business. It serves our company very well and we appreciate the software very much. The learning curve for newcomers is fast and it really does satisfy all our needs in this area of our business. In addition to an excellent software, it is at a good price. Another real perk is to work directly with the man who designed and worked up Caterpro, Mr Ron Evans. He knows his software to the perfection, he is always there, he has all the patience to resolve any problem quickly and he is always friendly and attentive. Henceforth, I highly recommend Caterpro for any small to medium sized catering business.

Emil Raschle
Swiss Cherotel
Lake Jackson, Texas


I have been using CaterPro for over 8 years. I have replaced other systems in each establishment that do not come close providing me and my clients with the quality and ease that CaterPro provides for me. Each and every version has improved beyond my expectations and with each up-grade comes an even better way to provide and track my clients events, my companies bottom line and provides me with an excellent reporting system that has never failed me.

As a food service manager, executive chef, operations manager, catering manager and general manager my duties have changed but the reliability of this software has stabilized me and made me look great in my employers eyes. Thanks to CaterPro’s easy operations it has provided me extra time to grow my operations and expand my company’s catering horizons.

Joe Rocha
General Manager
Sportsmen of Stanislaus, Modesto, CA